Topics & Dewey Decimal System

Fiction & Biographies
Fiction books are arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name. The label shows the first seven letters of the author’s last name. Adult fiction is located on the 2nd floor on the south side of the building. Juvenile fiction is on the west side of the 1st floor in the Children's area. Young Adult (Teen) fiction is in the Teen Area in the southeast corner of the 2nd floor.

Biographies are shelved by the last name of the person the book is about. The call number has a B for biography above the person’s last name and the name of the author of the book. Adult biographies are on the 2nd floor on the east end of the building at the end of the nonfiction section. Juvenile biographies are on the 1st floor in the Children's area. Young Adult (Teen) bios are in the 2nd floor Teen Area in the southeast corner of the building.

The Dewey Decimal System numbers nonfiction materials by subject. The number on the book’s spine is that of the subject area above the first letters of the author’s last name. The numbers are the same for all items on the subject, whether they are adult, youth services, oversize, audiovisual, Reference or Montana Room materials.

Oversize Nonfiction
Oversize books are those that are too big to fit on regular shelves. They are placed on the bottom shelf of the nonfiction section to which they belong. Oversize books check out for the regular 28 day loan period. Call numbers for Oversize books are identical to those on the regular shelves. The label will have the letter "O" or the word “OVERSIZE” above the number and author’s name.

Reference & Montana Room
These items may be used in the Library building, but may not be checked out. This may be because they are rare, very expensive, in constant demand, or all of the above. The Montana Room is open during normal library hours & is located on the 2nd floor on the north side of the building near the computer commons. Reference books will have an R above the call number on the spine. Teen reference has "YR" above the call number and juvenile reference has "JR" above the call number. Montana Room materials will have either an M or MONTANA above the call number on the label. The adult reference collection is on the 2nd floor east of the elevator. For more information, ask one of the Library’s staff members for assistance.

Dewey Decimal System General Categories for Nonfiction

000 General

004-006 Computers & Programs
031-032 Encyclopedias
070 Journalism

100 Philosophy

130 Paranormal Phenomena
150 Psychology
180 Ancient Philosophy
190 Modern Philosophy

200 Religion
220 Bible
240 Inspirational Works
290 World Religions
292 Mythology

300 Social Sciences
301 Sociology
320 Politics & Government
330 Economics & Finance
340-360 Law & Crime
370 Education
398 Folklore

400 Language
420 English
430-480 European Languages
490 Other Languages

500 Science
510 Mathematics
520-550 Physical Sciences
560 Fossils & Dinosaurs
570-590 Life Sciences

600 Technology
610 Medicine & Health
620 Engineering & Transport
630 Gardening
636 Pets
641 Cooking
649 Parenting
650 Business

700 Arts
710 Landscape Design
720 Architecture
730-760 Art
770 Photography
780 Music
791 Entertainment
796 Sports

800 Literature
810 American Literature
820 English Literature
830-880 European Literature
890 World Literature

900 Geography & History
910 Travel
920 Genealogy
940 European History
950-960 Asian & African History
973 U.S. History
980-990 South American & Pacific History

Frequently Requested Topics
American History 973s
Art 700s
Autobiographies B
Automotive Manuals 629.287
Baby Names 929.44
Biographies B
Car Repair 629.287
Child Care 649
College Guides 378.73
Computers 004-005
Construction 690s
Cookbooks 641.5
Crafts 746
Decorating 747
Dieting 613.25
Dinosaurs 567.9
Encyclopedias 031-032
Fairy Tales 398.2
Finance 332
Foreign Languages 400s
Gardening 635
Genealogy 929.4
Health 610s
Home Business 658.041
Home Repair 643.7
Home Schooling 649.68
Humor 818
Interior Decorating 747
Internet 004.67
Investing 332
Montana History 978.6
Mythology 291-292
Native Americans 970.1-970.5
New Age 133s
Painting 751
Parenting 649
Pets 636
Plants 635
Plays 812 & 822
Poetry 811 & 821
Religion 200s
Remodeling 643.7
Resumes 650.14
Science Projects 507.2
Self-Help 158.1
Shakespeare 822.3
Travel Guides 910s
True Crime 364.1
Western History 978s
World War II 940.54