Use Technology

Wireless Access at the Library
To connect to the Library's wireless network, select the "Library Guest" network from your device's list of available networks. Then open a web browser, which will open on the Library Guest page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and put a check-mark in the box to agree to the library's terms of service, then click on the button to proceed to the internet.

Printing, Scanning, and Faxing at the Library

All public computers at the library print to common printers. Black and white printing costs $0.10 (10 cents) per page. Color printing costs $0.25 (25 cents) per page. There are two print-release stations, one on each floor. These are coin-operated stations. The second floor has a black and white printer, a color printer, and a scanner/fax machine. The first floor has only a black and white printer. Any document printed from any public computer can be printed from either of the two release stations, but if color printing is desired, the document must be printed from the 2nd floor release station.
Use of the library's scanner to save documents to a USB drive or to email them is free. Faxing costs $0.25 (25 cents) per page. The scanner/fax machine is at the second floor release station.

Wireless and Remote Printing
For wireless and remote printing, open a web browser on your laptop or other mobile device and navigate to Billings Public Library Mobile Printing Service.
  1. Pick the printer to print to in the left-hand column.
  2. Fill in your email address in the center column.
  3. In the right-hand column, browse to the document you want to print.
  4. Scroll down to the right-arrow (next) icon at the bottom of the page and click on the icon.
On the next page, your document gets its pages counted, and then tells you how much it will cost to print. Then scroll down to the green printer icon at the bottom of the page and click on the icon. The page will display a Document Status window that says, "Your request is being processed". When that status changes to "Your request has been processed" your document is ready to release at the library print release station. Go to the library and pay for/print your document at the 2nd floor printing station.
To print an email message or attachment, FORWARD your email to one of the following email addresses:
Upstairs Black and White :
Upstairs Color :
Childrens Black and White :

Once you have forwarded the message, go to the library and pay for your print using your email address as your release code as usual.

eBooks, Audiobooks, Music and Other Electronic Resources
The Library offers eBooks and downloadable audiobooks through Montana Library to Go, downloadable music through Freegal, and downloadable videos through Access Video. Other electronic resources include databases, Universal Class, and Mango Languages.

Using Library Computers
  • The patron must have a valid library card if a resident of Montana or proof of out-of-state residence (driver's license) to use a guest card.
  • internet terminals may be used for a total of one hour each day on a first-come, first- served basis or by reservation through the PC Reservation system. Additional time is available in 15-minute increments up to 2 hours if no one is waiting for computer time.
  • Cardholders will need their card number to sign on to a terminal.
  • Visitors must get assistance from the Reference or Youth Services staff for guest card access.
  • Persons desiring to make a reservation before coming to the Library may call the Reference Desk at (406) 657-8290 for adult or teen computer reservations, or the Children's Desk at (406) 657-8256 for a children's computer. Reservations may not be made more than 7 days in advance.
Filtered and Unfiltered internet Computers
The library has filtered and un-filtered internet terminals for adults and filtered internet access for Teens on the second floor. Also available is filtered access in Children's Services on the ground floor. These are available at no charge whenever the Library is open. Time slots are available an hour at a time, using the automated reservation system. All public computers are networked to a printer; printing costs $0.10 per page for black and white, $0.25 per page for color.

Office Applications
All public internet stations have have Microsoft Office Suite 2010: Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Access. There are also four database PCs with office applications available for public use on the second floor. Programs available include the Microsoft Office Suite 2010 and easy access to all the library's research databases. General internet access is not available from the database computers.
The Microsoft Office Suite 2010 is also available for Teens on the Teen Games computers in the Teen Pit on the 2nd floor.

Assistive Stations
There are two assistive stations available at the second floor computer commons for anyone with vision impairments. These computers all have internet, Microsoft Office Suite 2010, Zoom Text software, large-type keyboards, and a document magnifier with associated software. Time slots are available an hour at a time using the automated reservation system.

Teen and Children Areas
Teen and Children's computers are available only to patrons ages 17 and under. Terminals in the Children's Services and Teen Pit areas use a filtered browser.