Zoning Code Online

Unified Zoning Code Regulations

Art. 27-100.         Title, Purpose and Scope
Art. 27-200.         Definitions
Art. 27-300.         Zoning Districts and Official Map
                              Sec. 27-305.Residential Uses
                              Sec. 27-306. Commercial & Industrial Uses
                              Sec. 27-308. Residential Yard & Area
                              Sec. 27-309. Commercial & Industrial Yard & area
                              Sec. 27-310(i). Accessory structure
Art. 27-400.         Nonconforming Lots and Uses, Structures and Uses
Art. 27-500.         Historic Preservation
Art. 27-600.         Supplementary General Provisions
                              Parking and Storage Restrictions
                              Arterial setbacks
                              Building permits prior to adoption
                              Fences walls & hedges
                              Hazardous waste facilities
                              Home occupations
                              Livestock & fowl
                              Manufactured homes
                              Plats recorded after effective date
                              Satellite antennas and dishes
                              Sexually oriented businesses City    
                              Sexually oriented businesses County  
                              Supplemental commercial development
                              Supplemental special review standards
                              Temporary uses & structures
                              Visibility at intersections
                              Watercourse setbacks
                              Amateur radio antennas
                              Wireless communication facilities
                              Land mobile radio & tv broadcasting                           
Art. 27-700.         Signs 
Art. 27-800.         South 27th Street Corridor Zoning District
Art. 27-900.         Medical Corridor Permit Zoning District
Art. 27-1000.       Interchange/Entryway Zoning Districts
Art. 27-1100.       Landscaping
Art. 27-1200.       Off-Street Parking and Loading Standards (County Only)
Art. 27-1300.       Planned Developments
Art. 27-1400.       Overlay Districts
                             Sec. 27-1401. (North) Shiloh Overlay District
                             Sec. 27-1427. South Shiloh Overlay District
                             Sec. 27-1460. East Billings Parking Overlay District
Art. 27-1500.       City and County Zoning Commissions and  Boards of Adjustment
Art. 27-1600.       Administration and Enforcement
Art. 27-1700.       Separability Clause, Repeal of Conflicting R/O and Effective Date
Art. 27-1800.        East Billings Urban Revitalization District Code

Attachments: (not part of the unified code)

                              A: Yellowstone County Sign Code
                              B:  Special Zoning Districts