Bicycle Parking

Billings Bicycle ParkingProviding safe and convenient bicycle parking is important and frequently overlooked. We encourage both short and long term bicycle parking to ensure places to park for people who arrive by bike. Bicycle parking provides additional parking and reduces the number of bicycles locked to signs, railings, trees and other furniture. Our draft bicycle parking guidelines should be used to ensure adequate facilities.

Designed to advise consistent bicycle parking. Our guidelines cover short term, long term and right-of-way bicycle parking. See our guidelines page for more info ...

Short Term Bicycle Parking
The picture to the left shows the general concept of the preferred bike rack design. More info ...

Long Term Bicycle Parking

Bike rooms and other protected storage for employees, residents and guests. More info ...

Downtown Pilot Project

The City of Billings is working with partners in a demonstration project. More info ... 
Get Involved
If you would like to learn more about bicycle parking, provide feedback or have general questions, please contact:

  1. Jeffrey Butts

    Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator
    Phone: (406) 247-8637