Additional Resources

There are hundreds of books and videos out there focusing on bicycle and pedestrian opportunities. The books listed below are all located at our very own Billings Public Library.

For more information about the Billings Public Library you can visit their website here.
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Books at the Billings Public Library

Adult Books

Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America One Step at a Time Jeff Speck
Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and The Decline of the American Dream Andres Duany
Cities for People Jan Gehl Bike Repair Manual Chris Sidwells
The Bike to Work Guide: Save gas, go green, get fit Roni Sarig
Bike Repair and Maintenance for Dummies Dennis Bailey
Bicycling, A Reintroduction: A visual guide to choosing, repairing, maintaining and operating a bicycle Karen Ruth
The Urban Biking Handbook: The DIY guide to building, rebuilding, tinkering with and repairing your bicycle for city living Charles Haine
How to Live Well Without Owning a Car Charis Balish
The High Cost of Free Parking Donald C. Shoup

Straphanger: Saving our cities and ourselves from the automobile Taras Grescoe

Children's Books

Wheels of Change: How Women Rode the Bicycle to Freedom (With a few flat tires along the way) Sue Macy Kids' Easy Bike Care: Tune-ups, tools and quick fixes Steve Cole
Froggy Rides a Bike Jonathan London
Lance in France Ashley Maceachern
The Bike Lesson Stan Berenstain
Curious George Rides a Bike H.A. Rey
Franklin's Bicycle Helmet Paulette Bourgeois
Franklin Rides a Bike Paulette Bourgeois
Duck on a Bike David Shannon
Sally Jean, The Bicycle Queen Cari Best
What in the World is Green Transportation? Oona Gaarder-Juntii
Cyclists Bikelist: The book for every rider Laura Robinson
D.W. Rides Again Marc Tolon Brown

Marta and the Bicycle Germano Zullo
Ruby's School Walk Kathryn White