Child Education & Mentoring

Billings Public Library

  • Pedal-Powered Library: This new project is designed to increase access to education by expanding literacy and STEAM experiential learning programs with a library bicycle! The Billings Public Library is where the community connects and grows together, discovering the love of reading, the joy of learning, and the sharing of creative expression. Apply Now!

City of Billings - Planning Division and School District #2

  • Kids in Motion Curriculum Development and Integration: Brighten the future of Billings’ youth with Kids in Motion and School District #2 through the promotion of transportation education programming in schools! Develop in-class curriculum that increases access to education and student engagement in lower income neighborhoods. Apply Now!

Head Start - Explorer’s Academy

  • Enhancing Education and Parent Engagement: The overall goal of the project is to increase early childhood education by improving outreach to low income areas and increasing parental engagement in children’s learning at Explorers Academy. This project will alleviate poverty by improving parental engagement in their children’s learning, helping provide the foundation and educational skills children need to rise from poverty and achieve lifelong success. Apply Now!

Billings Community Foundation

  • Access to Education through Community Impact: The goal of this project is to increase academic engagement and retention rates for first generation students through mentoring and community impact participation with Billings Community Foundation. The VISTA member will create a database of community partners, write a marketing plan, update a website, and support the Foundation’s education initiative. Apply Now!