Veterans, Military Service Members, and Families

Efforts to meet the unmet needs of veterans, military service members and their families in accessing healthcare, creating economic opportunities, furthering education, and providing supportive services to promote well-being and self-sustainability.

Available Positions Beginning in July 2016!

Veterans Treatment Court: Alternative Modes of Transportation for Veterans

Work to alleviate poverty through the development of a bicycle transportation program for veterans who are participating in the Veterans Treatment Court! Many veterans struggle with the impacts of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries, leaving them vulnerable to addiction. With a new bicycle transportation program, these former service members will gain new access to needed services and programs! Apply Now!

Veterans & Military Members - Family Enhancement Services

This is an opportunity to expand several services for veterans, active military members and their families. Work with the Community Development Division staff to expand an economic support program, an assistance animal program for disabled service members, and host an on-site commissary event to enhance food security.
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