Current Zoning Applications

City of Billings Zoning Applications

City Zoning Commission


City Special Review 957 - 1235 West Wicks Lane - A special review request as provided in Section 27-620(d)1.a to install a roof-top concealed wireless facility 9 feet above the existing roof parapet in a Residential 9,600 (R-96) zoning district on Lot 1A, Block 4, High Sierra Subdivision, 2nd Filing, a 14.356 acre parcel of land,  The proposed concealed wireless antennae installation will be on the north edge of the existing church roof with an equipment enclosure located on the ground to the north of the existing storage shed behind the church building. Tax ID: A30251.Ward II, Planner Karen Husman, 247-8684.

City Board of Adjustment
Return Item - City Variance 1267 - 2409 Rosewyn lane - Side Setback - A variance from 27-308 requiring a minimum 3 foot side setback for a detached accessory structure to allow a 0-foot side setback in a Residential 9,600 (R-96)zone, on Lot 3A of Srtie Acres Subdivision, a 7,309 square foot parcel of land. The purpose of the variance is to allow a detached accessory building under construction to remain in its current location.  Tax ID: A14554.  The City BOA chose to delay action pending additional site information from the application on actual property lines and setbacks. Ward IV, Planner Karen Husman, 247-2624.

City Variance 1268 - 919, 9191/2, 921 N 25th Street - Lot Area - A Variance from Section 27-308 requiring a minimum lot area of 16,600 square feet for a two-family dwelling and a single family dwelling on an undivided parcel to allow a minimum lot area of 10,410 square feet in a Residential 7,000 (r-70) zone, on a portion of Lot 3, Block 10 Sunnyside Subdivision 2nd Filing. The purpose of the variance is to allow the financing and sale of an existing property and no construction or reconstruction is proposed at this time. Tax ID: A16441. Ward I, Planner Karen Husman, 247-8684.

Yellowstone County Zoning Applications

County Zoning Commission 

No applications were received, the meeting scheduled for October 10th, 2017  is cancelled.
There will be Ethics training for City/County Board and Commissions October 18th,  location TBD.

County Board of Adjustment

County Variance 286 - Appeal of an Administrative Decision regarding MT Sun Solar Farm - An appeal of the administrative decision to approve a Zoning Compliance Permit for the proposed 460-acre solar farm installation on C/S 2074, Tract 1A2 (un-zoned land) and unplatted parcels of land in Section 10 and Section 8 of Township 1 North, Range 25 East. Where zoning exists on the unplatted parcels, the zoning is Agriculture Open-Space (A-1). The Zoning Compliance Permit was approved on February 14, 2017. Tax IDs: X00416 (Sec 8 T1N R25E), Z00417 (Sec 10 T1N R25E) and D07005B (C/S 2074 Tract 1A2 - un-zoned). Commissioner District 3 - Planner Monica Plecker 247-8660