Current Zoning Applications

City of Billings Zoning Applications

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City Zoning Commission


Return Item - City Zone Change 964 - Council Initiated text amendment - Gymnastics Instruction in RP zones- A zone change to Section 27-306 - Commercial and Industrial Uses - to allow Gymnastics Instruction in all Residential Professional (RP) zones. The City Council initiated the amendment on February 26, 2018. All Wards, Planner, Monica Plecker 247-8660

City Board of Adjustment

City Variance 1280 –1333 N 27th St  - Lot area, setbacks- A variance from Section 27-310(e) requiring dwelling units in a Community Commercial (CC) zone meet the same requirements as a Residential Multi-family-Restricted (RMF-R) zone to allow a lot area of 7,336 square feet for 8 (eight) attached dwelling units; reduce the required front setback from 15 feet to 0 feet; reduce the required arterial centerline setback from 60 feet to 50 feet; reduce the required side setbacks from 8 feet (2-story) to 0 feet in a Community Commercial (CC) zone, on Parcel 1A1, C/S 463. The purpose of the variance is to allow the conversion of a vacant office building to eight 1-bedroom apartments. The east half of the 1953 office building has been demolished. Tax ID: A16558. Ward I, Planner, Nicole Cromwell, 247-8662.

City Variance 1281 –  604 S 35th St - Lot area, setbacks - A variance from Section 27-308 requiring a minimum lot area of 7,000 for 2 dwelling units to allow a minimum lot area of 6,600 square feet, from 27-308 requiring a minimum rear setback of 20 feet to allow a rear setback of 0 feet; from 27-308 requiring an 8-foot side setback for a 2-story structure to allow a side setback of 0 feet in a Residential 6,000 (R-60) zone on the east 88 feet of Lots 10-12, Block 220, Billings Original Town. The purpose of the variance is to allow the removal of existing detached garages & carports and re-construct a new garage with an apartment above. Tax ID: A01632

City Variance 1282 - Lenhardt Square - Building Height - A variance from Lenhardt Square PD Exibit "B" as amended requiring a maximum building height of 34 feet to allow a maximum building height of 46 feet in the PD-MF-4 zone, on Parcel 2A of C/S 2063, a 19.13 acre parcel of land. the purpose of the variance is to allow the construction of 2 new 86-unit apartment buildings. Tax ID: D00514A. Ward V, Planner, Karen Husman, 247-8684



Yellowstone County Zoning Applications

County Zoning Commission  
No applications - Meeting scheduled for May 14, 2018 at 4:00 pm is CANCELLED.

County Board of Adjustment

County Variance 288 - 6500 Cold Stone - Detached Structure Size - A variance from 27-310(j) requiring a maximum detached accessory structure footprint not exceed 1,500 square feet to allow a maximum footprint of 5,000 square feet in a residential 15,000 (R-15) zone on Lot 3, Block 1 of Cold Stone Estates Subdivision, a 5,659 acre parcel of land. A previous variance (Var#245) to allow 5,000 sf detached structures was granted for all lots in Cold Stone Estates Subdivision but expired in 2012. Tax ID: C15294. Commissioner District 3, planner, Nicole Cromwell, 247-8662.

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