Current Zoning Applications

City of Billings Zoning Applications

City Zoning Commission


  No applications received.

City Board of Adjustment

City Variance 1249 – 434 Terry Ave - Lot Area -

A variance from 27-308 requiring a minimum lot area of 7,000 square feet to allow a minimum lot area of 6,300 square feet for the demolition of an existing single family residence and construction of 2 new single family structures in a Residential Multi-family-Restricted (RMF-R) zone on the east 20 feet of Lot 29 and Lot 30, Block 9, Yellowstone Addition Subdivision, a 6,300 square foot parcel of land. Tax ID: A19013

Yellowstone County Zoning Applications

County Zoning Commission 

County Zone Change 680 – Highway 3
A zone change request from Controlled Industrial (CI) to Highway Commercial (HC) on a portion of Tracts 13 & 14 of C/S 2037 more particularly described as the south 247 feet of the current CI zone as shown on the zoning map. The land area will be 7.61 acres (247 feet by 1343 feet). A pre-application meeting was held at the offices of Tolliver Law Firm at 1004 Division Street on December 1, 2016. Tax IDs: D04575L & D04575M.

County Board of Adjustment

No applications received – The meeting scheduled for January 12, 2017, is cancelled.