Deputy Fire Marshals

Jeff McCullough

  • Coordinates liquor license inspections
  • Coordinates day care inspections and approval process
  • Coordinates group home inspections and approval process
  • Nursing home and assisted living inspections
  • Conducts federal and state required licensing inspections
Tyrone Morgan
  • Coordinates and conducts public education programs
  • Schedules/presents fire safety classes to schools and the public
  • Schedules in-field programs and station visits
  • Presents fire safety seminars to daycare providers
  • Coordinates business license inspection program
  • Coordinates Knox (key) box orders and maintenance

 Jaime Fender

  • Conducts technical building plans review
  • Coordinates sprinkler and fire alarm plan reviews and new construction records
  • Coordinates fire protection system inspection and acceptance tests

Additional Responsibilities

In addition to the primary responsibilities all members share in the following tasks:

  • Investigate fires to determine origin and cause
  • Investigate complaints
  • Inspections for certificate of occupancy (CO) / final construction inspections
  • Inspections/witness of pressure tests for fire protection systems (private fire service mains, sprinkler systems)
  • Final inspections and acceptance tests for fire protection systems
  • Code research
  • School inspections
  • Issue burn permits
  • Hazardous materials use and storage enforcement
  • Pyrotechnic / special effects permits