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This is not a comprehensive list of all genealogy sites on the internet, but over 80 sites are listed. The sites are listed alphabetically by the site name, not address.

Links do Change
Most sites have only the top-level/entry page listed, not the many sub-sites. These sites have all been verified as of July 2014, but there is no guarantee that the site address will not change, or the site disappear completely.

No Guarantees
There is also no guarantee that the information available at any site is either accurate or complete, and genealogists should take care to verify any information obtained by consulting additional/multiple sources.

Before You Pay
Many of these sites supply free information, but not all of them do. Read the information carefully before deciding if you want to pay or not. Happy ancestor-hunting!
African Ancestored genealogy
African American History in Patrick County
African American Genealogical Society of Northern California
African-Native American History and Genealogy webpage - Oklahoma’s black Indians
American Indian/Native American records at the National Archives
Ancestral Findings - links to databases and search engines. - commercial site with some free access
Ancestors in the Americas - for people of Asian ancestry free genealogy resources (this is a pay/subscription site with some free info).
Asia GenWeb Project
Barrel of Genealogy Links
Barney Family Historical Association
Black Dutch and Irish history and genealogy links (see Melungeons on Cyndi’s List)
Burke’s Peerage and Landed Gentry - definitive guide to the genealogical history of royalty, aristocracy and presidents (by subscription for full access)
Cherokee by Blood: part of the Tennessee GenWeb
Cherokee ancestors
Chinese Genealogy and Family History links at
Cyndi’s List - Jewish
Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the internet
Daughters of the American Revolution
Dead People Server - is the person you're looking for really dead?
Distant genealogical research
Ellis Island immigration records
Family History Online - general genealogy research website
FamilySearch internet Genealogy Service, LDS Church Genealogy Library, Salt Lake City, UT - general genealogy research website
Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS) - World Wide Directory of Free Genealogy Databases and Record
Find a Grave: famous or ancestral or both
Genealogy and Family Heritage - portal of links to various ethnicities
Genealogy and Family History internet Web Directory - megaportal to databases
Genealogy Gateway To The Web - Genealogy Homepage and Resource Listings
Genealogy of a German and his links
Genealogy in Washington Co., Pennsylvania
German Genealogy - find your German ancestors
Germans from Russia Heritage Society (see also Cyndi’s List above, and Russian Germans and Volga Germans, below)
Germans from Russia, American Historical Society of (see also Cyndi’s List above, and Russian Germans and Volga Germans, below)
German-Russian Genealogical Library: Odessa (see also Cyndi’s List above, and Russian Germans and Volga Germans, below)
German-Russian genealogy links (see also Cyndi’s List above, and Russian Germans and Volga Germans, below)
Germans from Russia Genealogy Resources from the Federation of East European Family History Societies (see also Cyndi’s List above, and Russian Germans and Volga Germans, below)
Gunter Family Genealogy Forum
HaReshima: Jewish Geneology - Cemetery Transcription Library
Irish Genealogy
Irish Local Names - Genealogical Resources
Japanese-American Genealogy
Japanese-American Family History Resources
Kentucky GenWeb
Kansas State Historical Society
Kansas Heritage Group
Local History and Genealogy Reading Room, Library of Congress
Melungeon Heritage Association
Montgomery County, Tennessee, Genealogy
National Archives genealogy data
Native American genealogy links on Cyndi’s List
Native American genealogy: Reconnecting With Your American Indian Heritage
Native American Genealogy
Native American Genealogy Resources on the internet - Index at WWW Virtual Library
New York City Ports: Ellis Island - links and info to a century of immigration through Ellis Island.
Obituary Links page to many obituary archives and publications
Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records
Olive Tree free genealogy online
Political Graveyard: a database of historic cemeteries
Pennsylvania GenWeb: Pennsylvania Genealogy
RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
Russian Germans in Kansas (see also German Russians above and Volga Germans, below)
Russian German migration to Kansas (see also German Russians above and Volga Germans, below)
St. Louis Genealogical Society
Siegel/Max/Schoenbrunn family trees
Shtetl: Memorial - Jewish Ancestry
Social Security Death Index (SSDI) at
Tennessee Genealogy at its best-TNGenWeb
US Genealogy Network nonprofit genealogical web host; many links
US GenWeb - Project Home Page
Virginia Genealogical Society
Virginia GenWeb
Virginia Military Institute archives and links to genealogical info
Volga Germans - Germans from Russia (see also Russian Germans and German Russians, above)
Volga Germans: Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University (see also Russian Germans and German Russians, above)
What is a Melungeon - Black Dutch genealogy
World GenWeb Project
Yonderplaces - an eclectic collection of genealogy info and links
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