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Customer Services Sections 2 through 4

CUS-2 Parental Guidance
The Library recognizes the right and responsibility of parents and guardians to provide guidance to their own minor children or wards, including the right to restrict access to Library resources and services. While the Library cannot assume this responsibility, it can and shall make available, for parents and guardians who choose to use it, the ability to pre-establish restrictions on access to Library resources and services for their own children or wards only. The options for setting restrictions shall be as extensive as practicable given facilities, staffing, technological capabilities and other potential limitations. This in no way is intended to substitute for direct guidance provided by parents and guardians, but instead to provide another tool, for those who choose to use it.

CUS-3 Unattended dependent persons
The Library does not assume responsibility for persons not legally responsible for themselves left unattended on Library premises. These persons include, for example, persons incapacitated due to physical and/or mental disabilities or other conditions who are dependent on others for their safety and well-being, and persons of juvenile age who are unable to make responsible decisions on their own behalf. Library staff will attempt to identify and contact a legal guardian if the welfare of such an unattended person appears to be threatened. In the event that a guardian cannot be identified and/or contacted, the Library will notify the Billings Police Department

CUS-4 Exam Proctoring
Billings Public Library may assist students taking online or distance learning classes by proctoring exams, as long as staff assistance does not compromise other library services.

Instructors or Institutions must complete a Proctoring Request form as provided on the Library's website. If tests must be returned, instructors should provide a self addressed stamped envelope in which to return the test. Any passwords for online tests must be provided at least 24 hours before the scheduled exam.

After the instructor or institution has completed the form, the student should check with Library staff to verify test arrival. Students must make an appointment to take the test, and bring a picture ID when checking in to take the exam. The Library is limited in the number of exams that can be administered at any one time. If taking the test on a Library laptop, students must return the laptop to the Library when finished. The laptop should never be left in the study room.

The Library will not be responsible for making sure the student takes the test on time, remaining in the room with the student, or the condition of the test after it has left our possession.