Crime Prevention Programs

The Billings Police Department’s Crime Prevention Program has a long and proud history of service in the Billings Community.It is one of its most active branches of the department as it is charged with providing the citizens of Billings with proactive programs and steps that assist the citizens in eliminating or reducing their exposure to crime.As partners, the Police Department and the community can make a difference in the amount of crime that takes place in our city.

Citizen Requests
The BPD Crime Prevention Program responds to citizen requests for programs and events. These requests may involve a formal presentation or simply speaking to a club or group.We will also take requests to be part of a community event. The Crime Prevention Officer and the Volunteer Coordinator are based out of the Crime Prevention Center.Together, they work with our many Volunteers to operate the numerous Crime Prevention programs available to the community.


Many of the Crime Prevention programs are based on national models, while other programs were developed locally.Please look through them and see if anything we offer can help you.If you think of something that isn’t there, call us:
  • Crime Prevention Officer -406-657-8464
  • Volunteer Coordinator / Crime Prevention Center - 406-247-8590

Visit the Montana Crime Prevention Association website