Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant

2009 International Energy Conservation Code Program Development
The City Building Division is developing a program to train and certify building safety officials, and educate the building community in the new Energy Code.This project is expected to preserve at least one internal position, and reduce energy consumption of new construction by 15% at a cost of $100,000.

Swords Park Trail II
The Swords Park Trail II project is one mile of hard-surfaced multi-purpose trail connecting the existing Swords Park Trail to the bicycle path along Aronson Boulevard.This trail section will complete an important 4-mile bicycle commuting route from the Billings Heights neighborhood to downtown Billings.The City received $550,000 in stimulus funds to supplement state, local and private funds to complete this project.

Energy Performance Contract for City-Owned Facilities
An independent contractor has been hired to identify building improvements that will result in significant future energy savings through a Energy Audit at a cost of $250,000.The future cost of the energy saving projects will be funded through the guaranteed savings by the current operating expense reductions of the various Divisions within the City.

City Energy Star Challenge
$53,000 will be used to establish baseline energy use levels in public and participating private buildings, and monitor the energy savings resulting from voluntary energy efficiency programs.The project includes a significant public awareness component, including a website with information on energy saving tips and available financial assistance, and a community marketing campaign about the Energy Star Challenge and the ways in which people can become involved.

Hybrid Bookmobile
Replace the Parmly Billings Library Bookmobile, a 1995 Thomas built powered by a Cummins 5.9 liter diesel engine with a new bookmobile equipped with the integration of an Electric Hybrid Drive System and a Cummins, 2010 EPA compliant diesel engine for $350,000.$50,000 in stimulus funding will be used for this purchase.