Illuminate Poverty

Study of Perceptions of Homelessness Report – Public Comment from June 5 to July 5, 2014
Public attitudes towards people who experience homelessness can vary from understanding and empathetic to negative and intolerant in nature. In order to gauge public perception of homelessness in Billings, a study was conducted through the administration of a survey. The outcomes of the survey are detailed in the report, Study of Perceptions of Homelessness.

The Illuminate Poverty project is directed towards the efforts of the Mayor’s Committee on Homelessness to build local support for community intervention initiatives that impact the impoverished. The development of this campaign aims to raise social and public awareness about poverty and homelessness in the City of Billings.

Homelessness affects everyone in our community. From the emotional and physical toll of the homeless individuals to the financial toll it takes on everyone else; no one is sheltered from its affects. We may not recognize the face of homelessness in our city, or on our streets, but it appears in our schools, amongst our veterans, working parents and neighbors who are stretched just a little too far by daily expenses or overwhelming circumstances.

The goal of Illuminate Poverty is to clearly articulate that poverty and homelessness are pertinent issues in the City of Billings. Confronting misconceptions of the impoverished through viable statistical information helps to show the reality of the issue and will help to change perceptions surrounding homelessness and poverty in Billings. By getting people to see that these issues do exist not only changes their beliefs surrounding these issues but motivates people to get involved and help to change our community for the better.


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