Spare Change for Real Change

Did You Know?

Seven out of ten panhandlers will use your spare change to buy drugs or alcohol. There’s a better way to give.

There has been great concern throughout the City of Billings regarding panhandling. Some citizens give generously to panhandlers, hoping to help someone in need. Others express anger and frustration about the effect panhandling has on the city and its business owners.Giving spare change to panhandlers is only a short-term solution and does not create long-term results.

Spare Change for Real Change aims to provide an alternative to citizens who give to panhandlers. Donation boxes and parking meters have been sponsored by local businesses and distributed to local participating businesses. Proceeds go directly to service providers working to impact homelessness.Donating to Spare Change for Real Change helps provide resources for people in need. Your tax deductible contribution will help make a real change in someone’s life.

Purple 5k: This important race brings the community together in downtown Billings to help those most in need by working to end homelessness in Billings. Typically held in March, the Purple 5k generates funding for grants to local non-profit organizations. Learn more about the organizations receiving funds here.

For More Information

Contact the Downtown Business Improvement District at 406-294-5060, visit the office at 2815 2nd Avenue North, Billings, Montana, or send an email to .