Report Writing Center

Due to the large volume of calls for service to the Billings Police Department, calls have been prioritized into two major categories:
  • In progress - Going on right now and/or someone may be in danger
  • Cold - Incident has happened, is long over and the suspects are gone
Cold Calls
A large portion of Cold calls involve property crimes such as thefts from cars or vandalisms where there are no suspects and little to no evidence.These calls are sent to the Report Writing Center where volunteers take a written report in the same manor an officer would.This gets the information you need to get to the right place while keeping officers free to handle the “In Progress” calls.

Cases likely to be taken by this center are:
  • Thefts from vehicles with no suspects or *evidence
  • Thefts in general with no suspects or *evidence
  • Criminal mischief / vandalism, including vandalism, with no suspects or *evidence
  • Lost and found property
  • Found bicycles
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Non-investigated traffic accidents
  • Criminal trespass
  • Answering citizen questions
  • Other fraudulent activities

*If the caller has minor evidence such as a screwdriver, other small tools etc., then the Report Writing Center personnel will take the call and if appropriate, have an officer dispatched to collect the evidence.The officer will have to tag the evidence in and possibly do a supplementary report.