Volunteer Patrol Unit (VPU)

The Billings Police Department (BPD) established a Volunteer Patrol Unit (VPU) to assist the BPD with certain types of non-emergency traffic issues. For instance, the VPU patrols parking lots for illegal parking activities, such as violations for parking in marked handicap spots or parking in the marked fire zone. The VPU is authorized to issue citations for parking violations.

Duties assigned to the VPU include:
  • Abandon vehicle impounds (under the physical supervision of a patrol officer)
  • Taking photos of graffiti
  • Transporting found bikes to the BPD storage shed
  • Issuing parking violation citations
  • Deploying the speed trailer
  • High visibility patrol in parking lots for extra security


The VPU is staffed by volunteers who have been trained by police officers to provide parking control assistance. The VPU patrols in vehicles that have VPU decals and emergency lights on the cars. VPU volunteers wear a uniform that identifies him or her as Billings’ police volunteers.

Bicycle Patrol Unit
In 2010, a Volunteer Bicycle Patrol Unit (VBPU) was approved by the police administration.The VBPU patrols the city’s bike trails and parks. The VBPU have also started directed bike patrols in identified hot spot areas to report suspicious activities for crime prevention measures.

Radar Trailers
Strategic placement of the radar trailers helps to slow careless speeding in residential high pedestrian traffic areas.Use the convenient Speed Trailer Request Form to request a radar trailer in your neighborhood.