Construction Guidance

Contractor Eligibility

Contractors paid utilizing federal funds must have a City of Billings business license, proper insurance, workman's compensation (or exemption), and must not be listed on the Excluded Parties List System (debarred from federal contracts).

Davis-Bacon Act Compliance

Construction work that is funded in whole or in part with federal funds must adhere to certain Federal labor standards requirements. When $2,000 in CDBG funding is used for a construction project, Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates apply.

Lead-Based Paint

Organizations receiving federal funding to assist in home repairs must follow lead-based paint requirements.

Section 3 Compliance

Section 3 ensures that employment and economic opportunities generated by HUD financial assistance for construction activities shall be directed to low-and very low income persons.

    Environmental Review

    All projects funded through the Community Development undergo environmental review processes in accordance with federal regulations.