Community Development Properties

Foreclosure Acquisition / Rehabilitation Program

The City manages a program to purchase vacant foreclosed homes, rehabilitate and sell them to low income households through the First Time Home Buyer program. Please contact Dina Harmon at 406-657-3045 or via email to

South 27th Street Properties for Sale

The City of Billings has acquired property for redevelopment purposes in the South 27th Street corridor. City-owned land in this area was sold in December 2015 for $7.02 / square foot. Letters expressing interest in the City's land can be submitted at any time. However, offers less than $7 per square foot may not be reviewed or accepted. 

Block 184 includes the following: 
  • 516, 518 & 524 South 26th Street: East 90 feet of Lots 1-2 and Lots 3-6 total 18,500 square feet
  • 2614 5th Avenue South & 505 South 27th Street: Lots 13-16 total 14,000 square feet
  • 523 South 27th Street: Lots 23-24 total 7,000 square feet
Web Map March 2013