Project Re:Code

 Fact Sheet No. 1 April 15, 2019

Fact Sheet No. 2, May 1, 2019

City of Billings & Yellowstone County

  First major overhaul of city and county zoning regulations in 45 years

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Project Re:Code is our first chance in nearly a half-century to adopt modern regulations that meet the communities' stated goals and aspirations. From downtown to the rims and from the Yellowstone River to the small farms and ranches surrounding Billings, life is moving and changing. The city and County have worked hard over the last few years to update the goals and objectives of its Growth Policy. Now it's time to give those new aspirations the right tools to achieve success.

The Yellowstone County Board of Planning recently created an ad hoc steering committee to oversee Project ReCode. With assistance from Planning staff, this steering committee will guide the overhaul of the existing zoning codes. The steering committee expects the process to take 2 years and will be meeting monthly to review drafts, listen to public comment and finalize sections of the new zoning codes. The final documents will be sent to the City Council and County Commissioners for approval. 

This webpage is intended to be a place where you can find out current and timely information on the work of the steering committee, locate research and resource materials, and connect with committee members and staff working on Project ReCode.

Project Re:Code Zoning Code Assessment Billings and Yellowstone County October 2018.  

For our current meetings dates and times, please check the current calendar here.

City of Billings Pattern Guide Webpage Published!

Planning Division announces major project milestone and educational webpage.

The new City of Billings Pattern Guide is designed to provide guidance to homeowners, home builders, and small business owners looking to invest in the First Neighborhoods of Billings.

The webpages feature detailed information on Billings’ First Neighborhoods  – South Side, North Park, Pioneer Park and Central Terry. The First Neighborhoods of Billings are close-in residential areas around Downtown. Three additional neighborhood pages will be coming forward in the near future – West Central, Heights and West Shiloh.

The authors and designers, Billings Metro Vista members Claire Yang and Jacob Cote, crunched through mountains of info and data to craft this guide and educational resource for all Billings residents.