Long Term Bicycle Parking

Long-term-bike-parking.jpgThis class accommodates employees, residents and guests who generally want to securely park their bike for more than two hours.

General Features

  • On site or no more than 300 feet from site
  • At least 50% should be covered
  • In a secure location, such as:
    • A locked room
    • Within 100 feet of attendant or guard
    • A fenced area with locked gate
    • An area monitored by security camera
    • An area visible by employees
  • At least 30% attached to floor

User Groups

Bicycles and Business
Families on Bikes
Getting to School
Seniors on a Roll

Women in Motion

Getting Around

Facilities and Markings
Routes and Maps
Tips for Traveling
Traveling on Foot


2016 Billings Bikeway and Trails Master Plan
BMVPhone: AmeriCorps VISTA
Complete Streets Policy
Additional Resources

Secure Storage

Bicycle Parking
Bicycle Security
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