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 For the Month of May, 2022

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City Zoning Commission

There were no applications for city zone changes or special reviews, the City Zoning Commission meeting for June 7, 2022 has been cancelled.

City Board of Adjustment

City Variance - 1346 – 1310 30th St. W –Increase building height to 45 feet and reduce required off-street parking - A variance from the Cardwell Ranch East 80 Planned Development, Article VI.C.3 requiring a 40-foot maximum height for multi-family structures to allow 45 feet and from Section 27-1302.B.7 requiring provision of 20% more off-street parking some of the off-street parking spaces are assigned on Lot 15A, Block 2 Cardwell Ranch Subdivision 1st Filing, a 6.88-acre parcel of land. The purpose of the variance is to allow an increase in maximum height for Cardwell Ranch Apartment Homes to develop a roof design that complies with the aesthetic intent of the Cardwell Ranch Design Standards and to allow the proposed 406 off-street parking spaces to be allowed for the proposed 249 dwelling units. The off-street parking code would otherwise require 479 spaces applying the 20% penalty for some assigned spaces. The proposed parking ratio (spaces/unit) is 1.63 and the required parking ratio with the 20% penalty is 1.92. Tax ID: A34337. View PDF here

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County Zoning Commission

County Zone Change 708 – 5110 Central Ave – A to N4 - A zone change request from Agriculture (A), to Large Lot Suburban Neighborhood Residential (N4) on Tract 1B of Amended C/S 2713, an 7.953 acre parcel of land. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held on ZOOM on April 25, 2022. Tax ID: D00465B- View PDF here

County Zone Change 709 70th St West and Rimrock Road – A to RR1 – A zone change request from Agriculture (A), to Rural Residential 1 (RR1), on a 5.501 acre portion of an unplatted parcel in the NWNW of Section 36, Township 1 North, Range 26 East, less Amended Lot 47A of Sunny Cove Fruit Farms. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held on April 21, 2022 at the Ben Steele Middle School at 5640 Grand Avenue. Tax ID: D04428- View PDF here

County Board of Adjustment

There were no County Variance applications received in May  The June 2022 Board of Adjustment Meeting is cancelled. 

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