Housing & Employment

Dress for Success

  • Expanding Employment for Low Income Women: If you have a passion for social justice and women’s issues, this position is for you! Help this amazing organization diversify available funding to increase access to job training and employment for economically disadvantaged women. The project will expand service delivery to neighboring American Indian Reservations and includes volunteer development, marketing, and fund development. Apply Now!

Housing Authority of Billings

  • Market Programs with Media at the Housing Authority: Stable and affordable housing is a major determinate of economic opportunity. When families pay approximately 30% of total household income for housing, they are more able to pay for other essentials such as food, education, transportation, and healthcare. Creating a video and media marketing campaign ensures that the programs are reaching potential residents of public housing so they can reside in safe, affordable housing and break the cycle of poverty. Apply Now!

Red Lodge Area Community Foundation

  • Workforce Housing in Red Lodge, MT: Connecting people and building community by catalyzing change and sharing resources to build a strong, vibrant, resilient, inclusive community. As a small resort community, affordable housing is a big issue for the local workforce, many of which live in poverty. Apply Now!