City Recycling Programs


The Billings Solid Waste Division strongly encourages residents to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Used Oil and Antifreeze Drop-off Site

Oil Recycling Center
Drop-off is at the landfill, 5240 Jellison Road.

The program is open to residents of Yellowstone, Treasure, Musselshell, Stillwater and Carbon counties.

Types of used oil accepted include:
  • Crankcase oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Gear oil
  • Brake fluid
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Two-stroke oil 
    Used oil and antifreeze cannot be mixed together or with other substances. 

Annual Christmas Tree Recycling

From December 26 through late January, Christmas trees can be dropped off at several advertised sites throughout the Billings area for recycling. Chipped trees are used for mulch and bedding material at: 
  • ZooMontana
  • Area parks
  • Bike paths
  • Conservation centers


Newspaper, Cardboard and Aluminum Can Drop-off Bins

  • Drop-off bins are located around Billings for residents to recycle newspapers and aluminum cans
  • A cardboard recycling bin is located at the landfill
  • Proceeds from recycling materials in these bins go to non-profit organizations designated on the container
  • Proceeds from City sponsored drop-off containers go to buy trees for city parks
For information on private curbside collection of recyclables contact Earth First Aid.

Yard Waste Composting and Collection

The landfill has an on-site composting area for wood, barn and yardwaste. Finished compost is
used to reclaim closed areas of the landfill.

In 2005, the Solid Waste Division initiated a voluntary, curbside yard-waste recycling program in
selected Billings neighborhoods. Due to the success of the program, curbside collection and
recycling of yard waste has been expanded to most areas in the City. Residents are
provided a 96-gallon container, free of charge, for weekly pick-up. The program runs from April
through November. Please feel free to contact us for questions or more information.

Electronic Waste

As of September 1st, Yellowstone E-Waste Solutions and the Billings Solid Waste Division have partnered to provide FREE electronic waste recycling for residents of Yellowstone, Carbon, Treasure, Musselshell and Stillwater counties. E-waste can be dropped off at the Billings Regional Landfill, 5240 Jellison Road, or Yellowstone E-Waste Solutions, 419 N. 15th Street. This program is for residential e-waste only. Business-generated e-waste can be recycled at Yellowstone E-Waste Solutions for a cost.
Residential items accepted for recycling include all computers and accessories, Some types of TVs, microwaves, small kitchen appliances, stereo equipment, cell phones, power tools, rechargeable batteries, calculators, portable electronics and loose cords and cables. Items not accepted for recycling include large appliances and appliances containing refrigerant. For more information, please contact the Billings Solid Waste Environmental Compliance Coordinator at 247-8633.

Community Partners

Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society offers a baling twin recycling program. Services are available by appointment or the second and fourth Friday and Saturday of each month and running from May through October. Read more HERE or view a MAP. For additional information or to make an appointment, please call 406-591-8606 and leave a message.