Crime Prevention Center

The Crime Prevention Center has been located at 2910 3rd Ave. N since 2011 and houcpc_volunteer_logoses the volunteer program along with several officer programs.

CPC Volunteer Programs

The CPC has two main volunteer programs: Volunteer Patrol Unit and Report Writing. The Volunteer Patrol Unit is responsible for tagging abandoned vehicles in Billings and issuing non-moving violations everywhere except downtown. Report Writers are responsible for completing theft and vandalism reports where there are no suspects or evidence to be followed up on.

If you’d like to volunteer at the CPC, please fill out the volunteer application and return it to the Crime Prevention Center via mail, email, or in person. A background check will be completed before you are considered for a position. We ask volunteers to contribute roughly four hours per week for a minimum of one year.

CPC Fingerprint Service

The CPC also does fingerprints by appointment for those seeking background checks necessary for work fingerprint_handcuffslicenses, employment backgrounds, or security clearances. Appointments can be made by calling (406) 247-8590.  Each fingerprint card costs $20 (cash or check) and you must present a current picture ID. The number of fingerprint cards is determined by the requesting agency.

Abandoned Vehicles

Use the Billings Police online reporting portal to report an abandoned vehicle within City of Billings. If the abandoned vehicle is  outside of the city limits, please contact the Yellowstone County Junk Vehicle Division at (406) 652-2050.

Instructions and FAQs about the online reporting portal can be found here.