CDBG-CV: Coronavirus Response Funding


The City of Billings was awarded $909,126 in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding (CDBG-CV) to support coronavirus response for low-income individuals and families in Billings. The City is required to coordinate with state and local health authorities before undertaking any activity to support state or local pandemic response. 

Activities must:

  • Exclusively prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus (i.e., SARS-CoV-2 or another coronavirus with pandemic potential).
  • Primarily benefit low-income individuals and families in Billings. Extensive documentation relative to the impact of pandemic response activities for low-income beneficiaries, including complete demographics, is required.
  • Avoid duplication of other local, state, or federal service or support to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.   

Allocation Process

The City recently solicited input and public comment via survey instruments and other communication forums to garner data and information to conduct a needs assessment relative to coronavirus / infectious disease response. Outreach efforts followed the City’s Consolidated Planning process  CDBG-CV Timeline

Eligible Activities

Based on priorities identified through the needs assessment, the City may allocate funding for the following activities / projects: CDBGcvActivities

Housing Development

Organizations seeking funding for housing development should refer to the Affordable Housing Development program to request a CDBG or HOME funding allocation at