2021-2022 Safe Routes Study

girl and dog on trail

Students should be able to walk or bike to school in Billings. The Billings Safe Routes to School Study is going to help make that possible.

Walking and biking are fun and healthy ways for students to get to school in Billings, and can also help reduce air pollution, build a sense of community, encourage and promote safety, and save money. Unfortunately, many students and their families don’t feel safe walking or biking to school because of busy streets, lack of sidewalk, unmarked crossings, or other issues.

The Billings Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is kicking off a Safe Routes to School Study Update to improve walking and biking conditions for elementary school students in Billings. This study will look at the 22 elementary schools in the Billings Public Schools district. 

This study has four major tasks:

• Evaluate current walking and biking conditions for students in the region

• Identify barriers or issues that might discourage students from walking or biking

• Develop a list of prioritized projects that can be built to improve walking and biking conditions for students

• Create walking route maps for all 22 public elementary schools in Billings

Stay tuned for ways to get involved in the project! In the meantime, you can sign up for the project listserv here to get updates about the project.