Medical & RX

The City of Billings offers two health insurance plans - one standard plan and one high deductible plan. There is a significant monthly contribution by the City. However, most plans require cost sharing by the employee on a pre-tax basis.

All permanent 20+ hours per week employees of the City are REQUIRED to participant in the medical plan. They are eligible on the first day of the month following a month of employment.

Our Health Insurance Plan is self-funded with Employee Benefit Management Service (EBMS) serving as our Third-Party Administrator (TPA).

Network Providers
Effective January 1, 2012, Rocky Mountain Health Network (RMHN) is the In-Network provider for the City. The City of Billings has entered into an agreement with certain providers within the RMHN for discounted fees. The RMHN network does include the majority of the St. Vincent Healthcare affiliates.

To locate a Network Provider, you will want to find a provider that is listed with RMHN and accepts the EBMS-City of Billings discount arrangement. Do this by following the link listed below and selecting "EBMS-City of Billings" on the drop down menu labeled "Insurance Accepted" or copy and past the link into your browser.

Rocky Mountain Health Network

Follow this link, and select "EBMS-City of Billings" on the dropdown menu labeled "Insurance Accepted."

Participants can also obtain services at RiverStone Health. Benefits will be paid at the Network Provider benefit level.

Retiree Health Insurance
The City of Billings also offers retiree health insurance plans to eligible retirees, paid 100% by the retiree.

The city's plan has three (3) types of Rx pharmacy claims that Magellan Rx, our Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) processes for us. They are:
  1. miRx mail order - "mandatory" for maintenance medications
  2. Retail (Target, WalMart, etc.) - acute treatment medications
  3. Specialty - medications for MS, Crohn's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc. If you are prescribed a Specialty Rx, please reach out to EBMS for the best option for you as a City of Billings participant
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