The City of Billings offers a dental insurance plan as a voluntary benefit to its active employees. All permanent 20+ hours per week employees are eligible on the first day of the month following a month of full-time employment. Otherwise, at every annual enrollment period they can elect to enroll in the dental insurance.The dental plan provides for dental and orthodontic coverage. The employee is responsible for the entire premium, on a pre-taxed basis, and must remain on the plan for three years once they enroll.

Just like our medical insurance, our dental plan is also self-funded with EBMS, our third-party administrator. There is No In/Out-of-network with dental. However, there is a list of dentists that will give additional discounts and possible honoring of usual and customary rates. This list is provided annually to participants. When you set your appointment, it is your responsibility to verify discounts plus this list could change at any time.

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