Employment Opportunities & Procedures

Why Billings?

Billings is a dynamic and beautiful community of over 112,000 residents nestled between the Yellowstone River and a nine-mile long cliff face known as the Rimrocks, Billings is the largest city in Montana and the Northern Rocky Mountain Region.  Billings has a longstanding reputation for being well-managed, and the community has consistently supported a professionally-operated and innovative local government.  Billings serves as a regional center for commerce, transportation, energy, healthcare, entertainment, and education.

Billings is located on the high plains in south-central Montana, giving it more abundant sunshine and less snow than in the mountains to the west.  It is an outdoor lover’s paradise, with hiking, biking, deer and elk hunting and trout fishing within driving distance.  Also, within about an hour’s drive are the Red Lodge Mountain ski area and the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.  Historic Yellowstone National Park lies less than three hours to the southwest. 

Visit the Billings Chamber of Commerce to learn more about Billings and our Community. 

Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment with the City of Billings. Browse through the City of Billings vacancy announcements to learn about available opportunities. Job vacancy announcements contain brief information, including the application deadline date, starting salary, and job requirements.  A full job description for each position is available from Human Resources located at City Hall.

Note: At this time Google Chrome is not compatible with this on-line job application.  Please use either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. 

Firefighter Vacancies:

The City of Billings Fire Department is a member of the Montana Firefighter Testing Consortium. The Montana Firefighter Testing Consortium typically conducts a joint testing process every year during the month of June for the development of a list of qualified candidates for the position of entry-level firefighter. The City of Billings fills firefighter positions, as they become available, from the Montana Firefighter Testing Consortium. 

The registration period for the 2021 Montana Firefighter Testing Consortium is closed.  

The Billings Fire Department is no longer accepting applications from the 2021 Montana Firefighter Testing Consortium.  
View information on the Montana Firefighter Testing Consortium.

Contact the Billings Fire Department
Phone: (406) 657-8423

Police Officer Vacancies:

The City of Billings Police Department is not currently accepting applications for Probationary Police Officer. 


Application Process


 A separate City of Billings application is required for each position. You can apply online or pick up an application between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday in the lobby at:
 City Hall 
 210 N. 27th St.
 Billings, MT 59101

If you have any questions or issues with the on-line application process, please call 406-237-6210.   


 Applications can only be accepted for open positions until 5:00 pm on the deadline date. Applications received after the deadline date will not be considered. 

Additional Requirements

 Please check the job vacancy announcement for additional requirements (i.e., cover letter, resume, proof of typing ability, or additional testing requirements). Applications missing additional requirements, will not be considered.

Cover letters and resumes submitted without a City of Billings application will not be considered. 

New Hires

The following information is important to employees who are newly hired by the City of Billings:

Hiring Process:


The Tuesday after the deadline, applications with supporting documentation are forwarded to the hiring department for screening. The interview questions for the vacant position must be approved by the Human Resources Office prior to receipt of the applications by the hiring department. The screening process generally takes seven to 10 business days. 


 Applicants chosen for an interview will be notified by the hiring department. Depending on the position, applicants may also be asked for further background information (i.e., Department of Motor Vehicle Records). 

 Applicants not selected for an interview will be notified by the hiring department by mail once the position has been filled. 

Drug Testing

 All applicants selected for hire are subject to pre-employment drug testing. A drug test can only be scheduled within 10 days of the hire date. Results are received within three days of the testing date. The new hire may not begin employment until a negative drug test result has been received. 

To schedule a drug test, please call Val Ronquillo at (406) 237-6210. 

Human Resources will notify the hiring manager of the drug test results. If a negative result has been received, the hiring manager will notify the new hire to schedule an employment date if one has not already been agreed upon. 

Probationary Period

 New Hires to the City of Billings are subject to a one-year probationary period that begins on their first day of work. Firefighters are subject to a six-month probationary period that begins on their first day of work. A new hire may be dismissed at any time during the probationary period without cause.

New Hire Paperwork / Benefits Meeting

The hiring manager will schedule a new hire meeting for the new hire to meet with Human Resources on or before the first day of employment to complete new hire and benefits paperwork. This meeting will take approximately two hours, depending on the number of questions and the number of new hires in the meeting. 
New hire meetings are typically held each Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. in the Human Resources Office.  Your Supervisor will be notified should there be a change in the date and time. 

Information to Bring

In order to be prepared, the new hire will need to bring the following information to this meeting: 

  • Voided check for payroll direct deposit 
  • Driver’s license 
  • Social Security card (If you cannot find your Social Security card, you must go to the Social Security Administration located at 2900 4th Avenue North, Room 100 and file for a new card. The Social Security Administration will issue a letter for you to bring with you in lieu of your Social Security card. Once you receive your new card, please bring it to Human Resources so they can see it and make a copy.) 
  • Dependent information (if you have dependents to sign up for insurance benefits):
    • ◦All permanent 20+ hour per week employees are REQUIRED to participate in the medical insurance plan.  If you opt to sign dependents to the insurance, the following information/documents will be required:
      • ◦Names, birth dates and Social Security numbers 
      • ◦Copy of marriage certificate as proof of legal marriage
      • ◦Copy of child(ren)'s birth certificate(s) as proof of legal parent or legal documentation as guardian 
  • Retirement and life insurance beneficiary information (for primary and contingent beneficiaries)
    • Names 
    • Addresses 
    • Social security numbers 
    • Birth dates 
    • If you will have other insurance coverage in combination with the city coverage, a copy of your other insurance card is required

​New Employee Orientation

A New Employee Orientation is generally held the third Thursday of every month at 9:00 a.m. in the City Hall Conference Room located at 210 North 27th Street. This is a mandatory orientation for all new hires and covers Human Resources policies and procedures, safety, and other pertinent information. 

 If your employment location is not at City Hall, then you may park in the City’s Park 3 Parking Garage located on North Second Avenue between Broadway and North 27th Street. Bring your parking ticket to Human Resources for validation.