Administration & Staff


The Fire Administration includes the Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, Administrative Support, Battalion Chief, Training Officer, and the 911 Communications Center Manager. 

Staff List

Name Title
Rash, William
Fire Chief Email
(406) 657-8421
Valdez, Pepper
Assistant Fire Chief Email
(406) 657-8420
Hoppel, Matt
Assistant Fire Chief
Email (406) 237-6166
Spini, Mike Fire Marshal
(406) 657-8422
Johnson, Kevin
Battalion Chief
(406) 657-8428
Mitchell, Darrek
Battalion Chief
(406) 657-8428
Lyon, Jason Battalion Chief   (406) 657-8428
Regele, Ed Battalion Chief
(406) 657-8428
Thompson, Chelsea Logistics Officer
(406) 237-6144 
Biggins, Sean Chief Training Officer
(406) 657-8431
Gibson, Kathy Administrative Support Manager   (406) 237-6223
Klein, Kelly Administrative Support II Email (406) 657-8442
Kindness, Anne Communications Center Manager Email (406) 657-8444
 Hunt, Travis Administrative Support I
Email (406) 237-6262
 Command and Staff
 Rash  Valdez  Hoppel
  Fire Chief 
William Rash
 Assistant Fire Chief - Admin
Pepper Valdez
 Assistant Fire Chief 
Matt Hoppel
 Kindness  Spili  Biggins
Communications Center Manager
Anne Kindness
 Fire Marshal
Mike Spini
 Training Chief
Sean Biggins
 Gibson  Tatum  Francis
 Administrative Support Manager
Kathy Gibson
 Assistant Fire Marshal
Bill Tatum
Assistant Training Chief
Bryan Francis
 Klein    C. Thompson
 Administrative Support II
Kelly Klein
   Logistics Officer
Chelsea Thompson
 Battalion Chiefs
 A Shift B Shift C Shift Swing Shift
Regele  JohnsonK  Lyon 
 Darrek Mitchell Ed Regele Kevin Johson Jason Lyon