Bike Patrol

The Billings Police Department started its bike patrol in the spring of 1994. The Downtown Business Association was instrumental in getting the program started by purchasing bicycles, equipment, uniforms and getting Paul Grady, the founder of Law Enforcement Bicycle Association (LEBA), here to instruct officers.

Bicycle Patrol Certification
The LEBA basic bicycle patrol class consists of four days of training, some in the classroom and a lot of 20-30 mile bike rides. There are four active certified LEBA instructors in Montana and three are Billings Police Officers.

Patrol Area
Our bicycle officers primarily patrol the downtown business district and city parks that are close to the downtown area. They often assist in maintaining order at parades and special events held downtown.

  • Be physically fit - Must pass a fitness test each spring at the beginning of bicycle season
  • Be easily approachable with above average people skills - Will come into contact with more people than if in patrol cars
  • Be very proactive