Commercial customers receive service specific to their needs. All commercial businesses are required to have enough service for the amount of garbage generated. For information about fees, view the collection rates. If you have questions, please call (406) 657-8260.

Services Offered
On-site customer-owned compactors can be picked up on a scheduled or on-call basis.

We have open-top construction containers available to businesses that require a larger tank. These can be permanent or temporary and are charged a trip fee and for the tonnage of refuse. The permanent roll off boxes can be placed on a schedule. Temporary boxes may have a rental fee.

Businesses may rent dumpsters ranging in size from a 2 yard metal dumpster to an 8 yard metal dumpster. These can be picked up anywhere from once a week to six times a week, depending on the amount of garbage a business generates.

Due to high winds please bag all garbage.