Security & Refund Policy

Protecting Your Privacy

To protect your privacy, the Water and Sewer Account Inquiry System requires you to enter your account number and a personal identification number (PIN) in order to gain access to the water and sewer account information.

Your account number is printed on your monthly statement and on any correspondence you have received from Public Utilities. Initially, a randomly assigned PIN number will be printed in the lower right hand corner of your monthly statement. Once you have successfully registered and entered a new PIN number, your PIN number will no longer print on your monthly statement.

The web server uses the latest standard to provide secure access for all connections. Utilities account information is retrieved from the City of Billing's IBM Power System. No sensitive information is actually stored on the web server.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only given for customer accounts that have been closed and have a credit balance. If you have another water/sewer service account, the balance will be transferred to that account. If you have questions, please call (406) 657-8317.