Public Works Board

Travis Jones

First term expires 12/31/21
925 Avenue E
Billings MT  59102

Tom Llewellyn

Second term expires 12/31/21*
3113 Stanford Drive
Billings MT  59102

David Wanzenried

First terms expires 12/31/19
3101 Peregrine Lane
Billings MT  59106

Rod Wilson

First term expires 12/31/19
422 Shamrock Lane
Billings MT  59105

Bill Enright

First terms expires 12/31/20
1617 41st Street West
Billings MT  59106

Section 2-536-539
There is hereby created a Public Works Board, Section 2-537 through 539.  The Public Work Board shall be composed of five (5) members who shall possess the qualifications for the office of the Mayor (i.e. a resident and qualified voter of the City of Billings) and shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council.

The Public Works Board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the City with respect to all aspects of public works.  The board may recommend to the City the adoption of such rates, fees and charges as it may deem just and proper, subject to other requirements and provisions imposed by law.