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Posted on: June 23, 2022

City of Billings looks for community input through National Citizen Survey


The City of Billings wants to hear feedback from residents on what it’s like to live in the Magic City.

Over the past four weeks, 2,800 residents from randomly selected households have received the National Citizen Survey in the mail.

Beginning Tuesday, June 28, the survey will be open to all Billings residents to fill out online at

“We don’t have a role to play if we’re not providing services to the community. We are here as public servants, to serve them, to be a part of great neighborhoods, a great city, a great community. They’re essential to that,” said City Administrator Chris Kukulski.

If anyone from the initially selected households would like to participate, they should fill out the survey they received in the mail and send it back in, or follow the link provided to them to complete the survey online. They do not need to do both.

IMG_1547Households that were randomly selected to take the survey received a packet in the mail like the one pictured above. 

The mailed survey and online survey are the same and the entire survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Answers are kept confidential and individual opinions are anonymous.

The questions range from rating the quality of life in Billings, to Billings government services and sharing demographic information.

“The residents of this community have choices everyday whether they want to stay in Billings Montana, or relocate somewhere else, so we never want them to think we take that for granted. We’re interested in their feedback,” Kukulski said.

Survey Screen shotA screenshot of the survey shows some of the city services respondents are asked to rate. 

The survey will be open online through Tuesday, July 12.

When filling out the survey online, respondents will be asked to enter their email address and zip code. This reduces the chance someone completes the survey more than once, and it allows City staff to see broad demographic and geographic breakdowns.

A survey analysis and report will be available mid-August, which all residents will have access to on the City of Billings website.

The last citizen surveys were conducted in 2016 and 2012.

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